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Spa Massage Treatments

We offer unique mobile massage treatments in Virginia, including Deep Tissue,  Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Prenatal and Sports massage. Raven is a trained therapist who can help you reduce stress, pain and muscle tension through her skilled techniques.

This gentle massage focuses on full body relaxation. Using long smooth gliding strokes, the Therapist concentrates on the top layers of muscles.

A nurturing massage which is customized to promote relief for mothers-to- be during pregnancy. Your Therapist is trained in techniques to position and support the body for greater comfort, relaxation & stress relief.

This technique is akin to the Deep Tissue massage. Recommended for those who are active in sports and those who lead a very physically demanding lifestyle. Using a variety of pressure, your Therapist will focus on the impact that physical activities have on your joints, muscle groups, ligaments. Sports massage can help with improved range of motion & flexibility; loosen up overworked muscles. Also, this treatment can enhance overall performances.

Recommended for those experiencing chronically tight or painful muscles; or those recovering from injury. The Therapist targets on deeper layers of muscular tissue using a variety of massage techniques.

Based on an ancient method for healing & improved well-being. Ancient Chinese medicine workers believed that energy flows throughout the body. But energies can be blocked due to stress. Reflexology concentrates solely on your feet. It is a great way to revitalize the body’s energy, to help with imbalance and relaxes those aching feet.

An excellent treatment for your overall wellbeing, helps to provide therapeutic benefits through essential oils and massage therapy. This technique can aid in headache relief, reduce depression & anxiety, and can help decrease muscle tension. You may choose from a variety of essential oils & couple with Deep Tissue or Swedish.

Scalp Massage

With each service you have the option of adding a 15 min scalp massage. This service is great  for relieving headaches as well as helping you feel relaxed.



You may add-on 15 min of massage concentrated specifically for your aching feet. This is a great way to end your treatment.


Foot Scrub

A wonderful add-on to your massage. Our feet work hard and have lots of sensitive spots. A foot scrub massage is a great way to release tension & help hydrate your feet. This technique also exfoliates dead skin. Soothing hot towels are used to further enhance your experience.

-- Each service can be booked for either 60 min, 90 min or 2 hours --

Raven currently provides mobile massage services in Virginia.
Safety is Our Top Priority - We clean and sanitize our tables, chairs and equipment to ensure everyone is kept safe. Your Therapist will wear a mask and we request clients to wear masks as well. Equipment and hand sanitization is of high importance.

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